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Tolsen 50 Piece VDE-GS Certified Insulated Changeable Screwdriver Set

Tolsen 50 Piece VDE-GS Certified Insulated Changeable Screwdriver Set

The Tolsen VDE technical tools that carry the VDE-GS mark conform to the VDE regulations and comply with European or internationally harmonised standards. These electrical products are tested in a series of impact, electrical, insulation and other product property tests and comply with the safety requirements of the respective guidelines.

Tolsen VDE Insulated tools that are marked with the symbol of the double triangle and the assigned voltage or voltage range are suitable for working on energised parts at the stated voltage.

The Tolsen VDE insulated tools that comply with the IEC 60900:2004 international standards are designed under a detailed set of rules and are subject to a series of specific tests for checking the electrical safety of the protective insulation.

50 Piece 1000V Insulated Interchangeable Screwdriver Set includes:
1 x VDE Handle
7 x Flatblade Screwdrivers
3 x Phillps head Screwdrivers
3 x Pozi Drive Scredrivers
9 x Torx Drive Screwdrivers
2 x Square Drive Screwdrivers
5 x Hex Drive Screwdrivers
1 x M5 Screwdrivers
1 x M6 Screwdrivers
4 x U shape Drive Screwdrivers
4 x switch board keys,
4 x Toro Drive
4 x Tri Drive
1 x voltage tester/driver

- HANDLE: 31*105
- VDE Certification
- Manufactured according to IEC 60900 standard
- Durable and high quality
- 1000V VDE
Blade made in S2 material, with black finish surface
Grip and sleeve manufactured according to EN 60900 standard

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