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Photoelectric retro-reflective sensor

ZL2-F2428 Photoelectric retro-reflective sensor

The Z sensor is a miniature photoelectric sensor with basic functions packed into different housings, which can be optimized for customer demands. Standard applications reside in the short range. Examples of applications are conveyor systems, vending machines, automated garment handling, packaging lines, or other simple on/off applications. The Z sensor does not have adjustment possibilities or additional functions which is common in other SICK devices. However, these features are not necessary for simple on/off applications, the Z sensor is also economically attractive.

The integrated ASIC-technology “made by SICK” guarantees the best optical performance. Background suppression (50 mm fixed) and cross-talk immunity are just two of many highlights. 155 mm scanning range in an energetic switch and 5 m scanning range in a reflex type, these are impressive sensing ranges for a sensor which is not much bigger
than a fingertip.

The possibility to integrate the optical and electronic elements into different housings, leads to a multifunctional use of the Z sensor. The Z1 and Z2 models come with integrated M18 threads and additional mounting holes for conventional mounting (24 - 25.4 mm flange mount). The Z3 model, or the “Eyeball”, can be aligned in any direction, just like the human eye.

Finally, the Z sensor delights with its transparent design. And this is not just for the looks, it also serves an important function: It makes the indicator LED visible from any direction (360° around the sensor).

Type: ZL2-F2428
Sensor/ detection principle: Photoelectric retro-reflective sensor, Dual lens
Dimensions: (W x H x D) 13.6 mm x 45.2 mm x 31.7 mm
Housing design (light emission): Hybrid
Thread diameter (housing): M18 x 1
Sensing range max.: 0.1 m ... 4.8 m 1)
Sensing range: 0.1 m ... 3 m 1)
Type of light: Visible red light
Light source: LED 2)
Light spot size (distance): Ø 125 mm (1 m)
Wave length: 660 nm
Adjustment: None

Supply voltage: 10 V DC ... 30 V DC 1)
Ripple: < 5 Vpp 2)
Power consumption: < 20 mA 3)
Switching output: PNP
Switching mode: Dark switching
Output current Imax.: 50 mA
Switching frequency: 400 Hz 4)
Connection type: Male connector M12, 4-pin
Circuit protection: A 5), D 6)
Protection class: III 7)
Polarisation filter: ✔
Housing material: Plastic, Glass fiber reinforced ABS plastic
Enclosure rating: IP67
Items supplied: Mounting nut M18
Ambient operating temperature: –25 °C ... +50 °C
Ambient storage temperature: –40 °C ... +70 °C
Accessories include: DOL-1204 Cable and P250 Reflector

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