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Portable Padlock Station With10 Safety Padlocks

Portable Padlock Station With 10 Safety Padlocks

Holds up to 10 padlocks, 6 hasps and 10 tags. Semi-transparent hinged cover with locking mechanism protects contents from harsh environments and prevents unauthorised access. Slots in back for wall mounting, attachable carrying handle facilitates easy portability. Space-saving design minimises footprint.

Station With 10 Safety Padlocks includes:
1 x Portable Padlock Station
10 x Keyed Differently Safety Padlocks
10 x Heavy Duty Re-Usable Lockout Tags w/ Nylon Cable Ties
3 x 25mm Group Lockout Hasps
3 x 35mm Group Lockout Hasps

Dimensions: 336mm x 177mm x 63.5mm (WxHxD)

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