In today’s modern society workplace safety has becomes more prominent whilst at the same time the interaction between machinery and humans more complex.

This coupled with changing legislation and Standards can make the whole subject of machine safety and guarding seem frightening and complex (often placed in the too hard basket). Yet the processes and methodologies behind the requirements of Machine Safety are clearly defined and relatively simple to achieve.

EMSC staff are TUV Certified Machinery Safety Experts as well as having many years of trade/maintenance experience (some still holding current Electrical Practicing Licences) and who can demystify the confusion surrounding the legislation and Standards to deliver practical and flexible solutions regarding your machinery that work.

EMSC offer 3rd Party Reports such as:
- Risk Assessments
- Risk Reduction Design Concepts/Options
- Validations

As well as reports we offer 1 or 2 day Training Courses - onsite or public single placement courses (when numbers allow). Training courses can also be tailored in terms of length or content by negotiation.

These courses offer an excellent opportunity to learn the requirements and practices involved with Machine Safety in a relaxed supportive environment and where your own staff can then move forward armed with the knowledge and motivation to undertake their own assessments and follow that by delivering compliant Risk Reduction Solution options.

The 1 Day course educates on such topics as;
- Understanding legislative responsibilities (Duty Holders and their duties)
- Standards and how they relate to the Legislation
- WorkSafe's role in the Industry
- Understanding AS/NZS 4024.1 and its promoted methodologies
- Risk Assessments (putting a team together, defining their roles, documenting the process)
- Identifying Hazards and scoring the risks involved
- Evaluating Risk and the Hierarchy of Risk Reduction options
- Machine Guarding requirements (composition, sizing, distances from hazards for compliance)
- Interlock Devices, Emergency Stops and Presence Sensing Devices (Practical advice on the best choice to suit applications)
- Addressing the needs of the maintenace personnel (Jog Functions, overrides) and cleaners
- Combining all the choices of hardware to provide compliant flexible solutions
- The Architecures of the SRPCS (components involved and wiring requirements to achieve Category Solutions or Performance Level Solutions ISO 13849)
- Lock Out/Tag Out Safe Isolation Procedures
- Validation of the final solution

The 2 Day Course gives us time to discuss and debate all this information and also gives us time to undertake practical examples (small Risk Assessments etc onsite or theoretical).

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