Axelent Wire Tray Update



A simple, smart and flexible solution to organise and control cables. X-Tray wire cable management system offers the longest support distance on the market. A large range of sizes and three surface treatments (incl 316L Stainless) make this an incredibly adaptable product suitable for any environment.

The X-Tray can be used in conjunction with the X-Guard, or as a stand-alone product with the ability to be mounted from the wall, floor or ceiling. Fast and easy to assemble, corners and curves are no problem, and can be created without any welding. No sharp edges and all welding points are individually made and verified to ensure safe equipotential bonding throughout the life of the tray.

**Approved by the International Cable Management Standaard IEC 61537

** NEMA1 Cable Ladder load rating and fully loadable joints so it doesn’t matter where the supports are located.

wire tray pic 2

xtray pic 1