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Eaton DualGuard-S Central battery emergency lighting system



The DualGuard-S central battery system reliably supplies safety and escape sign luminaires with power (230V AC/220 V DC), automatically checks itself and monitors each of the connected CG-S luminaires (up to 20 per circuit) simply via the supply line.

Thanks to STAR technology, the switching mode of each connected CG-S luminaire can be freely programmed via the control section of the central battery system within a 50 or 60 Hz supply network.

This means that mixed operation of continuous light, switched continuous light and standby light is possible in one and the same circuit - and that without an additional data line! The colour touch display in 4.3" or 7" version with non-volatile program memory monitors and controls the central battery system via the ACU DG module. All functions of the connected devices and emergency lights are automatically checked and reported if faults occur.