Emergency Lighting



When a project calls for performance and efficiencies a single-point, self-contained emergency lighting system cannot deliver, the CEAG-STAR ZB-S, LP-Star central battery system offers all the automatic monitoring, control and fault reporting you need without having to install a data circuit, or have an RF network.

Using the power supply cable alone, the ZB-S central battery system tests itself automatically and individually monitors each CG-S luminaire (up to 20 per circuit) while providing a dependable supply of power (230V AC/220 V DC) to the safety and exit fittings.

CEAG’s new STAR technology from EllisCo allows the switching mode of every connected CG-S luminaire to be programmed (and reprogrammed) using the central battery system‘s controller and software from Eaton Cooper.
This enables you to program maintained, non-maintained and switched maintained switching modes in the same circuit.You can also utilise up to 100 percent lumen output from any luminaire. This allows greater spacings between luminaires and reduces installation costs and number of fittings required. Generally any modern fitting can be used.
The CEAG-STAR ZB-S, LP-Star also improves its own service life by intelligently managing the floating charge, micro-electric discharge of the battery and checking on the service life and volume of the battery resulting in a long service life and a 10 year guarantee on the battery system.

For 20 years EllisCo has been New Zealand’s exclusive distributors of Eaton Menvier and CEAG emergency lighting systems. 

We can tailor any emergency lighting solution to meet your requirements as well as regulatory compliance.

 – Douglas Oliver, EllisCo

• 230 V AC/220 V DC
• No control circuit required
• Automatically checks and monitors 100% lumen output on emergency (adjustable)
• Fully networkable
• Lead acid batteries guaranteed 10 years
• Parameters stored via smart data card systems