Introducting Thorlux's Passway High Performance Lighting Bollard



Passway from Thorlux is a very high performance lighting bollard with a contemporary appearance. A choice of pathway or area light distributions are selectable on site and the innovative protection system allows the bollard to pivot up to 10° from vertical in the event of a slight knock from parking vehicles. The robust construction and excellent performance ensure the Passway is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Applications: pathways, open spaces, car parks, stairs, perimeter building illumination

Bump resistant

Slight knocks from parking vehicles can leave an unsightly crooked bollard position or worse cause irreparable damage.

The Passway uses Thorlux patent pending FlexBase technology which, during impact, allows it to pivot up to 10° from the vertical, gently returning to the upright position once the force is removed.

State of the art optics

Contained within the IP66, IK10 head unit, custom designed, high performance optics direct the light exactly where it is needed. A dedicated lens for each LED ensures the most efficient distribution of light resulting in highly impressive luminaire spacings whilst still maintaining uniformity.

Each bollard has two light distribution settings selectable via an internal switch. The area distribution provides 360° light output whilst the pathway distribution gives 180°.

All versions produce less than 2% upward light making Passway suitable for rural as well as urban environments.

On-site selectable distribution

The internal selector switch provides on-site choice between area and pathway distributions.

When selecting the pathway distribution, only one side of the Passway illuminates producing a 180° light output; simplifying ordering and providing flexibility during installation.

Guiding the way in an emergency

The Passway is available with integral emergency and wireless SmartScan Emergency control gear options to light the way to fire assembly points
outside a building.

The SmartScan Emergency testing system automatically tests the status of the luminaire and components in accordance with BS 5266-8:2004 and reports back to the SmartScan website when installed with a SmartScan Gateway.

Maximise spacings and use fewer luminaires

The high performance optics allow the Passway to be spaced further apart than conventional bollards, requiring fewer luminaires to light a space.

Uniformity of light is often problematic when using bollards, resulting in close spacings and over lighting. Due to the unique light distribution of the Passway, high uniformity is still maintained even when spaced up to 9m apart.

Easy installation

The large access door on Passway makes installation simple. The access door is vandal resistant and uses a single tamper-resistant fixing bolt. The large entry area provides easy access to secure the Passway into position and terminate the supply cables. The screwless terminal block adds further simplicity.

Check out the full brochure at the link below.

Thorlux Passway Brochure


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