WCC 320 S 0810 Motor Controller
WCC 320 S 0810 Motor Controller


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WCC 320 S 0810 Motor Controller

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Motor controller Standard for controlling standard 24V actuators or Motorlink actuators. Output 24V DC 10amp, 8 motor channels, 10 inputs.

MotorController for the control of ±24V DC standard actuators and actuators with MotorLink® for daily comfort ventilation. It can also control espagnolette/locking actuators.

The MotorController can be used in small and medium sized buildings as well as in building sections e.g. stair cases and restaurants.

The MotorController controls (opens/closes) the window actuators based on the signals from the connected components e.g. keypads, room sensor, weather sensor and BUS commands.

The MotorController has

 - up to 10 motor lines and 12 inputs

 - 10A or 20A

With build-in touch screen for configuration.