WMX 826-1 Grey 24V Actuator
WMX 826-1 Grey 24V Actuator


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WMX 826-1 Grey 24V Actuator

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Programmable 24V DC chain actuator for surface mounting for smoke and comfort ventilation.

To be used with top hung, bottom hung and turning windows. 200N, 500MM, 1amp

• To be used together with ±24V control units or control units with MotorLink®

• Can be used together with espagnolette WMB

• External safety edge can be connected directly to the actuator (actuator version ’E’)

• Available with and without UL certification:

• Europe: order without UL certification (version 0)

• USA / Canada: order with UL certification (version U)

• Synchronization of up to four window actuators – no need for an external synchronization module

• Genuine position feedback and three speeds when using control unit with MotorLink®

• Soft close

• The electronics in this actuator can be programmed to suit specific requirements i.e. pressure- and traction force, stroke, speed/sound level – with the WAT 100 programming box, also possible following installation

• Built-in electronic load switch-off/end stop

• Electronic actuator with micro controller

• The actuator has an integrated reverse function to ensure a prolonged life span of the window gaskets

• Easy mounting